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A U.S. DOT University Transportation Center

Researchers at the Ohio State University’s Crash Imminent Safety (CrIS) University Transportation Center (UTC) hope to save lives and reduce the severity of human injuries in auto accidents by looking closely at what happens in the final seconds before vehicle collisions.


The goal of the CrIS UTC is to improve ground transportation safety through interdisciplinary research and development in the interplay of autonomous and intelligent vehicle systems, human factors, and injury biomechanics. Research will include developing advanced accident simulators, statistical modeling, analyzing past accidents and developing autonomous vehicles. The UTC research team includes over 20 faculty and researchers working at OSU and our partner Universities (IUPUI, NCA&T, UMass, UW).


The center and its research are funded by a grant from the U.S. Department of Transportation. The award and associated cost sharing total $4.3 million over the first two years of operation.


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