Simulation Environments

A number of different simulator environments are being used. The one shown here has been developed by Ph.D. student Qi Chen, and helps him visualize how the bot will make its way in an unknown environment, with a given path plan and obstacles found on the way, as it traverses the route. This is the first testing step before actual hardware implementation.

The Player/Gazebo simulation environment models some of the smaller testbeds (listed below). An overview of the Player/Gazebo environment can be found here.

Smaller Testbeds

These small robots are used for testing obstacle avoidance algorithms that ION will use. In the below videos, one of the robots is shown as it employs the same sensor fusion structure and obstacle avoidance algorithm being tested for ION. It is an updated version of the one used on TerraMax. The robot is shown only using a Sick (indoor) laser, mounted centrally. A straight line path is given that leads the robot to the end of the hallway and back. Absolute location is estimated using dead reckoning, since GPS is not available indoors.

  • Small Robot Video 1
  • Small Robot Video 2
  • The robot that will be used in the ECE 683 Grand Challenge Design Project Course.

    Testing at TRC

    We are developing a test route on Transportation Research Center grounds in Marysville, Ohio. This will be for long duration tests of ION and for demonstrations. Obviously, it does not exactly look like the desert, but Ohio is not California/Nevada!

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