August 9, 2007:
OSU-ACT Selected by DARPA as a semifinalist.

Its back to southern California for us.

Official DARPA Announcement.

June 21, 2007: OSU-ACT has a successful Site Visit

The DARPA Site Visit was carried out on June 21.

After wireless stopping/braking tests for safety, ACT was given a series of problems to solve. These included routes to plan, roadways to follow (multiple times), obstacles to pass in different locations, and a series of intersection situations with moving traffic to figure out. ACT solved every problem thrown at it. Apart from multiple tries on a couple of cases, everything was great. It was almost a perfect day.

The DARPA visitors had asked for a following-car with someone to reposition orange cones hit. After a couple of hours and not a single cone hit as the lane-following worked perfectly, they retired the cone repositioner.

Congratulations to all students, staff and faculty who contributed in this development.

Also thanks to those who supported us by sponsoring the activity. Just before the Site Visit, we received a check from the NI Foundation, underlining their strong support. With this donation, the NI Foundation becomes OSU-ACT's second largest sponsor (after the OSU Engineering College, Transportation Research Endowment Program). We are grateful to all.

We look forward to the National Qualifiers, which will be announced on August 10.

See announcement from the College of Engineering.

OSU-ACT Selected by DARPA for June Site-Visit

OSU-ACT: The Autonomous City Transport

Our New Urban Challenge Vehicle - A Hybrid SUV

Team ACT

What is the DARPA Urban Grand Challenge?

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