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DARPA Grand Challenge 2007

In 2007, DARPA organized the next iteration of its autonomous vehicle competitions, the Urban Challenge 2007. This event involved fully autonomous driving in a city environment with other vehicles, intersections, traffic rules and parking. The video is from the final qualification events held in Victorville, CA in late October 2007. The vehicle, named ACT (Autonomous City Transport), can be seen to find a gap in moving traffic at a stop-sign intersection, and merge into the traffic to follow the road fully autonomously, with no one on board.


DARPA Grand Challenge 2005

For DARPA Grand Challenge 2005, OSU researchers built a smaller off-road vehicle that is capable of navigating a desert course fully autonomously. This video shows portions of the testing done as part of the overall development, conducted at Transportation Research Center. The people in the vehicle are watching the systems and making sure the vehicle is performing within design and safety parameters, while the vehicle, named ION (Intelligent Off-road Navigator), drives itself through an off-road course with small hills and sharp curves.


DARPA Grand Challenge 2004

This video shows our autonomous truck going through qualification tests for DARPA Grand Challenge 2004 in Nevada. OSU researchers designed and implemented the autonomous (driverless) navigation systems of the vehicle. In this particular video, there are no people on board, and the vehicle can be seen driving down the off-road track, sensing the bushes blocking its path, and deciding to swerve around the bushes without any human intervention.