About Us

The Control and Intelligent Transportations Research Lab is housed in the OSU Center for Automotive Research and the Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering.

Our research and development interests include theoretical and applied research on autonomous or semi-autonomous cooperative mobile systems. Topics include planning, control, reinforcement learning, multi-agent interaction, computer vision, sensor fusion, behavior prediction, and decision making.

CITR has developed several hardware testbeds and simulation platforms.


[2021-01-31] Our paper “A Modeled Approach for Online Adversarial Test of Operational Vehicle Safety” was accepted into 2021 American Control Conference (ACC). PDF

[2020-11-30] Our laboratory organized the event Pedestrians on the Roadway: A Workshop on Autonomous Vehicles Encountering Pedestrians. Slides from the workshop can be found here. Video playlist on Youtube.

[2020-07-11] Teawon Han presented his work "An Online Evolving Framework for Advancing Reinforcement-Learning based Automated Vehicle Control" at IFAC World Congress 2020. Check the recording at YouTube.

[2020-07-08] To help stopping COVID-19, CITR has developed a vision-based system for social distancing. Please check our new work: "A Vision-based Social Distancing and Critical Density Detection System for COVID-19". PDF GitHub

[2020-04-02] Congratulations! 3 papers from us were accepted into 2020 Intelligent Vehicles Symposium:
1. "A Multi-State Social Force Based Framework for Vehicle-Pedestrian Interaction in Uncontrolled Pedestrian Crossing Scenarios". PDF GitHub
2. "Integrating Deep Reinforcement Learning with Model-based Path Planners for Automated Driving".PDF
3. "Optical Flow Based Visual Potential Field for Autonomous Driving". PDF

[2020-03-12] Congratulations! Our following work was accepted into IFAC World Congress 2020: "An Online Evolving Framework for Advancing Reinforcement-Learning based Automated Vehicle Control". PDF

[2019-11-03] Welcome Dr. Ekim Yurtsever to join us as a postdoctoral researcher from Nagoya University!

[2019-03-08] The Ohio State University is to host "Explainable Artificial Intelligence for Driving Safety" review and workshop. CITR lab is honored to help to organize the event.