Education and Outreach

The UTC is transferring the knowledge gained through CrIS research efforts to the next generation of ITS engineers and for use to develop policies related to autonomous vehicle technologies.

This includes the development of:

bullet2 A STEM summer program for female high school students involving transportation and robotics for the OSU Women in Engineering organization.
The main purpose of this project is to familiarize the WiE RISE participants with basic Intelligent Transportation Systems (ITS) concepts and let them have hands-on experience with assembling, programming and testing mobile ground robots that serve as surrogate vehicles, similar to the experiences of undergraduate and graduate-level OSU engineering students.
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bullet2 “Hands on” courses that introduce undergraduate students to AVs and the simulator environment.
For example, Autonomy in Vehicles (ECE5553), is a Senior Elective/Graduate level course offered at the Ohio State University Electrical and Computer Engineering Department. The course focuses on analyzing autonomy in the context of modern road vehicles and developing design approaches for such systems in cars, use of CAD packages to analyze advanced system design techniques, and understanding evaluation of ‘futuristic’ technologies. Students design and simulate a series of technologies, including lane-change controllers, adaptive cruise control systems, and hybrid-state controllers for automated decision making.


bullet2 Roundtables with industry and community leaders to better understand the implications, and needed regulations, for AV technologies.
Activities of the CrIS UTC will provide a platform for discussion about the future of autonomous vehicles, bridging gaps between university, industry, government, and community stakeholders. Roundtable discussions led by our “Coordinator for Technology Transfer and Policy,” Beth-Anne Schuelke-Leech, will introduce stakeholders to the issues, clarify perspectives and value of different stakeholder groups, help set the policy agenda for the CrIS UTC, and influence the policy agenda for the State of Ohio.

Materials, such a lab manuals and datasets, resulting from these activities are being shared with all UTC partners, allowing for larger scale adoption and implementation of education and outreach activities.

For more information about our education and outreach activities, please contact our “Coordinator for Education, Workplace Development, and Diversity,” Fusun Ozguner at

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